Counselor's Office

Welcome to the South Side School Counseling Page

What Elementary School Counselors do.

1.  Teach whole group counseling lessons to every class twice a month. These lessons will teach new skills or concepts to support students’ social and emotional and academic needs.
2. Facilitate short-term small group counseling that targets a specific skill gap or an issue that interferes with a child’s academic or social experiences at school. Referrals for these groups may come from parents or teachers.
3.  Provide immediate and short-term individual counseling for students needing solution-focused interventions.
4.  Provide information and/ or referrals for community resources to families.
5.  Work collaboratively with teachers and staff
6. Consult with parents
7.  Provide assistance to students in need.

About Me

Mrs. Scanlan
My name is Cheryl Scanlan and this is my 7th year as the school counselor. I taught preschool, special education, and kindergarten prior to becoming a school counselor.

As a school counselor, I am committed to provide a comprehensive, responsive, and preventive program that promotes success for every student’s social-emotional, academic, and career development. At the elementary level this may look different than at middle and high school.


Phone: 217.540.1530
Email: [email protected]